Paul Rotter

Paul Rotter was born in Southeastern Pennsylvania. He earned a B.A. in English from the University of Central Florida where he was a Finalist for Outstanding Literary Nonfiction Writer. He currently writes for an Investor Relations firm in Maitland, FL. You can follow him on twitter @pmrotter
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Quote of the Week 4/13/2014

Quote of the Week 4/6/14

Quote of the Week 3/30/14

Quote of the Week 3/23/14

Quote of the Week 3/16/14

Even though Wilhem Steinitz is still consistently ranked as one of the Top Ten Greatest Chess Players in History, his reign as World Champion did not absolve him of criticism. His approach was based on positional advantages, and though it would later become widely accepted as an elementary strategy, it was initially considered cowardly. Yet … Continue reading

Book Review: The Risk Pool by Richard Russo

The Risk Pool by Richard Russo Memorable Quote: “This led to a discussion of whether you-know-what was better in heaven. Somewhere in the proceedings, my father, who had instigated the whole thing, lost interest. As the voices rose in mock anger and comic disagreement over what it had to feel like to get balled in … Continue reading

Quote of the Week 3/9/14

Lately I’ve been amazed by how little I often accomplish in a full day’s work. I sit at my computer for hours at a time, typing, reading, revising, becoming aggravated, becoming inspired, on it goes, and at the end of the day, only a few measly unpolished pages to show for it. Such is the … Continue reading

Quote of the Week 3/2/14

The image used to display this week’s quote is a picture of one of my favorite places in the world. The picture was taken this past weekend at Weeki Wachee Springs, where the water is cool and clear and the civilized world feels like a distant memory (if you’re ever in Florida, skip Disney World … Continue reading

Quote of the Week 2/23/14

What They Don’t Tell You About the Great American Rat Race

My parents first entered the workforce with lofty goals of contributing to social justice and healing the emotionally wounded. My father did alright as a social worker, though the cases were often overwhelming and the bureaucracy oppressive, but my mother’s ambitions to start a career as an art therapist weren’t exactly panning out, and it’s … Continue reading

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